Tax Strategy Advisors

Hit a Moving Target

There are two things that our tax advisors know are always in motion: IRS regulations and our client’s level of vulnerability to them. An increase of income and/or assets often requires a change of tact from tax reporting to tax planning. We identify strategies and work with accountants to avoid stepping on landmines laid by our increasingly complicated tax code.

The following is a sample of how our tax advisors simplify tax strategy:

  • Reconstruct Basis and properly fill out Form 8606
  • Set up annual Roth conversion strategies
  • Roth Re-Characterization
  • Funding recommendations among employer plans, Roth’s, Traditional IRA’s, and Trust/Brokerage accounts
  • Build tax efficient portfolios for taxable accounts
  • Design tax-friendly withdrawal strategies
  • Identify optimal times to take social security benefits
  • Investment portfolios that maximize step-up in basis to heirs
  • Second to Die Policies in Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts for avoidance of Estate Tax

Our guided tax advisors serve the greater Memphis area including Collierville, Germantown, Oakland, Lakeland, Cordova, Arlington, Bartlett, Eads and Downtown Memphis.