401k Benefit Advisors

Understanding your needs



The focus on daily operations often overshadows proper 401k oversight. An optimal partnership between Advisor, TPA, and Recordkeeper strives to maximize the opportunity for all plan participants. At Memphis Planning and Wealth, we everyone to create and keep more of their wealth. That’s why we maintain an intense focus on plan design, expenses, and keeping our plans ERISA compliant.


Our plan audit consists of everything that should matter to the business, addressing the following plan components-



Roth and Traditional

Investment Lineup

Profit Sharing

Cash Balance

Contribution and vesting schedules

Overall Participation Rates

ERISA compliant meeting notes



Expense Audit

Investment Management Fees

Recordkeeping Fees

Per Participant Fees

Investment management fees


We don’t just take over plans, we create them too!


If you think a 401k may be appropriate for you, take a moment to schedule a consultation with us. We start the process by understanding what the owner wants to achieve. From there we gather an employee census to determine how to design the plan to suit your objectives. We utilize local and national support to give you the right plan from the beginning, and one that considers the future growth of the business.