Gifting Strategies

For the Next Generation


You’ve made the climb to the summit of financial security, now what? A Memphis Planning + Wealth advisor will help you understand the meaning behind “great wealth and great responsibility” and prepare you for the certainty of death and taxes. Presuming you have more than you need, and that your income and tax strategies are optimized, it’s time to address that which you cannot take with you and the IRS’s opportunistic view of your estate. This often includes a gifting strategy.

Because tax code is complicated and can change dramatically, we often incorporate gifting as a way to play offense against what is essentially a moving target.

In addition to stock gifting and funding 529 and UGMA accounts to improve future generations, we also understand some clients want to improve their community through charitable giving to scholarship funds, faith-based entities, and other non-profit organizations. We’ll collaborate with you to determine where to give, and help you determine an annual strategy that maximizes the potential of each dollar.

Our guided gifting strategy advisors serve the greater Memphis area including Collierville, Germantown, Arlington, Eads, Oakland, Lakeland, Cordova, Bartlett and Downtown Memphis.