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What It Means For You

From the outset, MPW was designed to overcome the challenges of independence. Our first meeting can help answer most of your questions and explain the economics of your move. Should you wish to proceed, you will have the option to “plug in” to our class-A office space at no up-front expense. You’ll also be pleased to know there are no contracts or long-term leases. This structure was created to remove any anxiety while your clients transition and revenues catch up. We even take care of the furniture and workstation.

As a core value, we believe that every advisor who affiliates with us should own their book of business. We are not an employee model, rather we are a co-operative culture that enables you to share a brand, intellectual capital, and spread the cost of resources. As an MPW advisor, you are independent but not alone. You’ll have local support, national scale, less risk, and the freedom that only comes by owning your own business.

We provide an attractive alternative to restrictive brands and profitability targets, and we are proud to offer holistic advisors an environment where they can provide advice with a clarity of purpose.

If you want to take your practice to the next level, the path to independence has never been this easy. We encourage you to reach out.

Sound exciting? It should.

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