Investment Management

Whole Life Financial Guidance

Do you have investment “pot luck” or a properly diversified portfolio? We offer more investment strategies for every stage of life. A thoughtful discussion with your investment manager can get you outfitted with confidence.


In the accumulation phase, proper diversification and low fees are important considerations. Consistently buying into the markets, especially in the face of volatility, is the leading factor in desirable, long-term investment outcomes. Because of this, in the accumulation phase we lean more heavily towards index-based strategies for their lower cost and broad market exposure. An actively managed component can add an element of protection from free-falling markets or add exposure to an investment opportunity.


As your thoughts turn to retirement, it becomes important for more specific account management based on your timeline for income and the tax environment for each pool of money (Roth, Traditional, and Non-IRA). We caution clients against using age and standard rules of thumb to determine their allocation. In addition to tax considerations and intended use of funds, we also look at the current market environment, desire for income, and risk tolerance. A collaborative process with a MPW investment management advisor will uncover the portfolio management that’s right for you.


In the retirement phase, choice becomes paramount as clients no longer take advantage of market volatility by investing additional funds. Because we recognize that discipline begets results, we’re inclined to accommodate strategies that, while diversified, support our clients preferences. We may at this point place greater emphasis on assets that don’t correlate with normal market or business cycles. This is typically an area where custom portfolio management, quantitative strategies, and separately managed accounts are prevalent.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

Our guided investment management advisors serve the greater Memphis area including Collierville, Germantown, Oakland, Lakeland, Cordova, Arlington, Eads, Bartlett and Downtown Memphis.