Financial Planning

Helping You Navigate the Complexities


We understand that, over time, insurance and investment transactions that once made sense can look like financial “pot luck.” In addition to incoherent product mixes, we often see tax planning opportunities being passed up and dated or non-existent estate planning documents. Unfortunately, limitless and often contradictory information about personal finance do nothing to inspire actual progress. Our Memphis financial planners can change this!

Avoidance of your own finances is not the problem, it’s the symptom. The problem is that you have grown into a need for customized advice from a collaborative partner. Our entire focus is to help you avoid or repair a confused and disorganized financial state. Our goal for every individual client or family is to simplify their financial lives and enrich them with confidence.

Our conversations start with a thorough understanding of our clients’ financial holdings, budget behaviors, goals, and estate planning needs. From there we determine the scope of the services to be provided. Depending the needs assessment, we may allow our clients to proceed with us based upon an hourly charge, a fee based upon assets under management, or commissions based upon an insurance need being met.

After additional fact-finding, we’ll meet to discuss our recommendations and set the course. For our investment management clients, we layer our guidance with sophisticated technology to enable visibility and ongoing feedback.