The MPW Story

MPW was created as an affiliation of Wealth Management Advisors committed to serving the private client needs of Memphis and beyond. Our structure and our partnerships support one goal: total client focus. Our independent status allows our financial planning consultants to tear down traditional corporate barriers and deliver maximum value for our clients.

MPW Advisors Are Not On Contract

Each advisor owns their own book of business, and only works for their clients.

Culture of Collaboration

We all have different specialties and we’re here to help each other provide great advice.

We deleted the hierarchy

Cutting out the middle management and CEO allows us to reduce fees and keep more money in our clients’ plans.

No sales goals

We don’t forsake our relationships to chase the next one, and we don’t harass your network for referrals.

We control our brand

Every advisor believes clients deserve holistic advice and concierge-level financial consulting service.

Hand Picked Technology

We invest in our relationships with powerful tools that organize and motivate, giving clients total ownership of their plan.

Referrals You Can Trust

Our network is reputation-based. We do not give or receive compensation from Accountants, Attorneys, or Bankers.

No Proprietary Financial Products

Open architecture enables our financial advisors to provide our relationships with an appropriate fit at competitive prices.

Memphis Planning and Wealth clients come from all walks of life and different life stages. They all share a clear need for a financial planning partner who makes sense of their financial life and directs strategy in partnership with CPA’s and Attorneys. Your Memphis Planning and Wealth Advisor is a financial professional and coach. We exist to turn noise into knowledge and provide a confident path toward financial success.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with actionable financial advice, technology that guides you, and a trustworthy partner on your journey.

-Joshua Black, President

Our Partners

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