New Clients of Memphis Planning and Wealth

Welcome to Memphis Planning and Wealth!  My asset management capabilities and technology have changed notably, and even the office space and furniture are new. We hope you enjoy the look and a location that’s close to home.

Some of you will be pleased to know that I’m inclusive to anyone I’ve worked with in the past. The complete overhaul was a necessary move to accommodate more diverse client needs and create an entity that enables independence for other advisors.

I’m happy to present you with everything you need to know about my transition:

  1. Your personal and account information remain with my former broker-dealer.
  2. I was not an employee under my previous broker-dealer, but an independent contractor restricted to doing business under a particular brand and additionally limited to their specific investment architecture, insurance products, and technology.
  3. I terminated the contract with my former broker-dealer by my own will.
  4. After a rigorous “due diligence” process, I have selected LPL Financial to hold my registrations and serve as the broker-dealer and custodian for asset management.
  5. Private Advisor Group is an entity independent of LPL that supervises the activities of all Memphis Planning and Wealth Advisors. E-Money provides the tech that puts your financial life in the right context.  Detailed information on LPL, Private Advisor Group, and E-Money can be found under “OUR PARTNERS” tab.
  6. Please read carefully the entire MPW website, especially the home page and all three pages under “About Us.” This will answer the majority of your questions.
  7. You have choice and freedom to move your assets to any custodial platform and advisor of record you wish. The acquiring firm “pulls” the money over into the new world, you don’t have to deal with your current Broker-Dealer to “push” the money. For further information, read FINRA information on Account Transfer process.
  8. By contract with my former Broker-Dealer, I am bound by a “do not solicit” clause. Prospective clients with assets at my previous broker-dealer will have to make the initial inquiry if they would like to be contacted. Such inquiries should be submitted through the “Make an Appointment” or “Ask a Question”  portion of the website and I will follow up promptly. Additionally, my cellular number has not changed, though it likely will in the future.
  9.  A trained advisor will be provided to you by my former broker-dealer. Do not rely on me for information concerning another advisor. I recommend visiting FINRA’s BrokerCheck as a starting point to inform yourself of ANY advisors work history, licenses, or complaints filed.
  10. Any implication by a licensed advisor or supervisor that your assets are “safe” or “safer” with them should be reported to your FINRA district office.
  11. Please read the FINRA educational communication disclosure:  FINRA: Factors to consider when your broker changes firms.  
  12. MPW agrees to bear the cost of all transfer fees, regardless of who your current broker-dealer or custodian is.

It’s been a tremendous privilege to serve you over the last ten years. Your support and encouragement have enabled this dream, and I look forward to a continued focus on your success. Please reach out through to take the next step and you will receive a prompt reply.